Tuesday 3:00 PM ESA Dispatchers

Program Objectives

ESA Dispatchers    
1) ESA is beyond just dogs 
2) Creative ways to engage with community with ESA 
3) Why ESA helps with mental illness    

Program description

Discussion and interactive workshop to discuss ESA in the centers and how it helps with mental health and wellness. Think beyond just a dog or cat! Skunks, pigs, fish and so many other options are available! Having an ESA at your center can also help engage with your community!    

Presenter Bio 

My name is Heather Blaney I am a CTO at Knox County Central Dispatch in Indiana, I am social media director and I am 42-PU handler and owner. I started my career in dispatch in September 2021 and before that I managed hotels in Wyoming and South Dakota where I was able to meet and learn from people from around the world! What exactly is a 42-PU handler? Well my domestic skunk is our PSAP’s ESA and educational ambassador for our community! He comes with us to a wide variety of events throughout our county and surrounding counties brining smiles and giggles to both children and adults while we talk about our center. Earlier this year 42-PU and our small PSAP made national news for our ESA (Inside Edition, Tucker Carlson, etc.) Personally we have 6 skunks total at home and a love of all animals! On my downtime (we know there isn’t much of that) I enjoy traveling around the country with my husband. Food trucks and Comic Conventions are my weakness.