Monday 1:30PM Ready or Not - Preparedness Mindset

Program Objectives

1) The learner will define what preparedness looks like and identify when preparedness begins 
2) The learner will examine the effects of preparedness as it correlates to work, home stress, and coping 
3) The learner will explore emerging technologies that expedite call processing and enhance workflows.     

Program Description

Personal accountability is one of the most important aspects of preparedness in ECC operations, even before a call for service is received. In a work environment that is never routine or mundane, preparing for the unexpected is impossible, or is it? With the right mindset, skills, knowledge, and abilities, successful preparation is achievable to meet the demands associated with this critical role. Adapting the 5 steps to emergency management this course will explore physical, emotional, and mental preparedness and how it correlates to work, home, and coping with some of the most difficult aspects of working in Public Safety. It will also examine emerging technologies and how they will impact workflows and provide data before the phone even rings. 

Presenter Bio

JaCorey Glaude, ENP RPL, began his career in Emergency Communications in Louisiana & has experienced unprecedented success. JaCorey's success in Public Safety includes working with LADOT, NTECC, & SafeCities-Schedule Express before joining RapidSOS as a Training & Engagement Manager. JaCorey is presently a Regional Manager with Virtual Academy and is concurrently employed at Harris County ESD11 as he continues to serve his local community. JaCorey possesses many significant certifications & Public Safety credentials including APCO RPL & NENA ENP, CMCP, ECS & EID. He is a certified APCO & TCOLE instructor and Certified Customer Success Manager. As a Champion of Change, he serves as a member of the NENA Education Advisory Board & a charter member of the DEI committee for ESD11 and was appointed as a Texas NENA CCAM. JaCorey attributes his success to phenomenal mentors.