Your Child & 911

  • Teach your child their last name, their parent’s names, their home address and phone number. Always list this information near the phone.
  • Teach your child the name of your employer and the phone number.
  • Teach your child when they should call 911.
  • Teach your child not to be afraid to call 911 if there is any doubt as to whether they should.
  • Teach your child to dial "Nine, One, One" and never teach them "Nine Eleven," this might confuse the child and they may look for the number eleven on the phone.
  • Make sure your child can reach at least one of the phones in your house. Wall mounted phones can be unreachable for small children.
  • Discuss with your child any situations that may be unique to them. This could include an elderly live-in relative; younger sibling or other unique factor that the child might encounter.
  • Always call from a safe location. If the house is on fire, get out and call from a nearby phone.
  • Also, teach your child how to use your home phone and your cell phone to call 911.